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Reopening closed sexual harassment investigations could lead to injustice

A lawyer specialising in defending contested sexual offence allegations believes reopening closed sexual harassment investigations could lead to injustice.

More than 10 per cent of British employers have reopened closed sexual harassment investigations in light of the #MeToo campaign, lawyers claim.

A quarter have introduced more stringent investigative procedures and updated their methods for gathering evidence.

A survey of British businesses found that the #MeToo movement against sexual harassment had had a significant impact. Researchers commissioned by GQ Littler, the transatlantic specialist employment law firm, found that 13 per cent of employers had reopened past sexual harassment investigations.

Chris Saltrese, Managing Partner at Chris Saltrese Solicitors said:

“It goes without saying that sexual harassment in the workplace is to be deplored. But the news that employers are re-opening sexual harassment claims is most unwelcome raising as it does the obvious concern that the previously exonerated will not receive a fair hearing with virtue signalling investigators all too keen to reverse initial findings to show that they are on board with the Me Too message. Employers should think very carefully before embarking on a course of action which is likely to lead to unfairness and hardship to their employees.”

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