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Government accused of “appeasing the mob” over non-disclosure agreements

Solicitor Chris Saltrese has accused the government of “appeasing the mob” after Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst announced employers could be banned from using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
The Business Minister’s announcement follows a number of high-profile cases where NDAs have allegedly been used to prevent former employees from revealing their experiences of bullying and sexual assault.

The consultation, intended to ‘clarify the law’ around NDAs in the workplace, was launched by the government this week.

Reacting to the potential ban on NDAs, Chris Saltrese, Managing Partner at Chris Saltrese Solicitors said:

“There is a lot of confusion and double standards here. The reality for many large organisations, especially in the media, is that they will have their quota of vexatious employees and attention seekers who will make untrue or exaggerated claims in the hope and expectation of being paid off.

“So very often it is not a case of NDAs being used to silence poor victims but instead being reasonably used to stop troublemakers, who have already been paid out, from going public to seek a second pay out.”

Concluded Chris, who has acted for over 100 defendants who have been wrongly accused – and eventually acquitted – of sexual offences:

“The Business Minister, who appears to know nothing about how businesses use NDAs, is simply trying to appease the mob.”

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