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Gambaccini payout unlikely to set a precedent says Chris Saltrese

Radio DJ Paul Gambaccini has secured a payout from prosecutors over unfounded allegations of historical sex offences – but it is unlikely to set a precedent for others who have been falsely accused, according to a solicitor specialising in defending contested sexual offence allegations.

The American-born broadcaster was arrested in October 2013 over a claim he sexually assaulted two teenage boys. Gambaccini, 69, spent a year on bail before the case against him was dropped in what he labelled a “completely fictitious” affair.

Gambaccini was arrested under Operation Yewtree, which was led by the Metropolitan police in the wake of the revelations about the paedophile Jimmy Savile.

Commenting on the payout, Chris Saltrese, Managing Partner of Chris Saltrese Solicitors said:

“I am pleased that Mr Gambaccini is to receive damages for his troubles. But the basis on which the CPS are paying him is far from clear. If it is the case that CPS have merely surrendered to Mr Gambaccini’s lawyers then this precedent is unlikely to be of assistance to the many who have had their lives disrupted by false allegations but do not have the funds to access good legal advice.”

Chris Saltrese also criticised the police for leaking the names of high-profile figures accused of historic abuse.
“While complainants in sexual abuse cases remain anonymous – unless they choose to waive their anonymity, which they might do if they sell their story – the names of suspects, particularly in high profile trials often enter the public domain at an early stage,” he said.
“In high profile cases, the police often tip-off the media. It’s not right. But it’s not illegal.”

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