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Conviction rates for sex offences lower than for any other category of offence

Conviction rates for sex offences are lower than for any other category of offence, according to new figures released today.

Analysis of data produced by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over the first quarter (Jan, February and March) of the year reveals that 1 in 4 (24.5%) of defendants have been acquitted in sex offence cases.

The highest conviction rates have come in cases involving drugs offences (93.3%), theft and handling (92.4%) and public order (90.3%).

80.5% of murder cases have resulted in guilty verdicts while the overall conviction rate across all offences is 85.8%.

The figures have been compiled by Chris Saltrese Solicitors.

Solicitor Chris Saltrese specialises in defending contested sexual offence allegations. He commented:

“The conviction rate in sex offence cases is abnormally low because the CPS are bringing charges on weak evidence, particularly in historic cases.

“There is no requirement for corroboration or independent witnesses – the complainant’s account is enough for a prosecution and conviction. The police also continue to ‘believe the victim’ despite the Henriques recommendation in October 2016 that this policy should cease.”

Added Chris:

“Weak cases are being nodded forward for prosecution but juries are often more savvy than police and lawyers. When they are presented with evidence which has not been subjected to the slightest scrutiny, they acquit.”

Speaking to Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkRADIO this morning, Chris Saltrese also had a message for Director of Public Prosecutions, Max Hill.

“The CPS must not become involved in a crusade to increase conviction rates by prosecuting cases on weak evidence,” he said. “Reinstate the proper rules of evidence.”



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